Surrounded by robots

A couple of weekends ago we (Aberystwyth Robotics) held our annual “Beachlab” event. Usually, this is a hands-on event with robots and activities on the promenade. This year, we had to relocate to the campus because of COVID issues, and the robots were strictly hands-off for attendees. It was a bit like a pop-up robot museum, rather than an interactive display, but hey that’s better than nothing.

This was the first outing for our new robotic submarine Afanc (which means “Beaver” in Welsh). Here I am talking about how the sub works:

And here I am posing with the submarine whilst surrounded by other robots

We had other exhibits – entertainment robots by Steve Fearn (some of which you can spot above), robot vehicles, a mars rover, lots of little robots, drones, some sensor based stuff applied to healthcare and even a display about materials science (diamonds). Here’s Steve showing off the robot sumo.

And here is Patricia with Miro, a cute robot dog/rabbit/cat/thing.

The end of the day group shot had to be socially distant, but we still go it in

And here are all the official photos turned into an animated gif.

Massive thanks to Siwsi Fearn for the photos – see for her business page!

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  1. Looks fun!

    But not as much fun.

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