I’m a senior lecturer in computing at Aberystwyth University. I’m interested in computer vision, robotics, information security and data science. and I’m also active in the British Computer Society’s women’s group, BCSWomen (I was deputy chair 2008-2012). I’m working in wild wet and windy west Wales, and before that did a year’s contact in France. So you can expect posts on:

  • Women in computing
  • Teaching stuff (new things I try in the classroom, tips, that kind of thing)
  • Reports on conferences and meetings I go to
  • Techy stuff (python, c++, …)
  • Writing stuff (latex, document preparation, graphics packages)
  • Jogging, walking up hills, drawing, writing, dancing, reading and cooking.
  • France, and what it was like to live there, and what wound me up, and what was great, and what was funny. (But only if you dig back through the archives.)

I tend to not write so much of the really techy stuff here – I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because my parents read it. If you want to email me, you can mail anything you like (except the word spam) at hannahdee.eu or hannahdee.wales and it should get to me – for example, yourblogisshit@hannahdee.wales should work just fine.

Note: I am in the process of migrating away from .eu and towards .wales (stupid brexit)


  1. Hi Hannah
    I found your blog after noticing that you’ll be presenting at ITiCSE in Paris the session after mine –that is if you will be presenting your paper. I seem to give a lot of talks in Canada to women in CS about survival and negotiation and I look forward to hearing your perspective.

  2. I was reading this shit blog and I thought about how many really crappy blogs there are out there.
    I thought about starting a blog about shit blogs and calling it yourblogisshit.com, so i googled it and your bio came up.
    My hat goes off to you!

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