Women in Tech: a new book!

I’ve published lots of writing – articles in journals and conference proceedings, mainly. Also quite a few magazine articles and one poem (aged 14, in the Skateboarding magazine RAD, but that’s a different story). Last week our book came out so now I can say I am a published author. It’s taken a while – over a year in total, with 6 authors collaborating online – but today I got the paper copies and so it feels a bit more real.

The book aims to be a handbook and a practical guide – so if you are interested in diversity and more importantly interested in doing something about the absence of diversity in tech, then this could be useful. We consider the problem, and then look at how we go there (schools, unis), and go on to talk about initiatives, recruitment, setting up women in tech groups, looking after returners. We also look at unconscious bias, and the obstacles to women in tech.

You can buy the book online here – and for a limited time only, get a 30% discount if you use the code “DEE” (no, really).


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  1. A book? Published by the BCS? Wow!

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