I’m just back from the workout called Insanity, which was the last class in my personal mission to try every type of exercise class offered at Aber Uni at least once (except yoga – you’ve got to draw the line somewhere). I saved Insanity for last, you can probably guess why. Being a proper nerd of course I kept a spreadsheet, with comments and some estimates (percentage of class completed, approximate proportion of guys, that kind of thing). So here are some stats: Highest max heartrate reached: Insanity. Today. 140bpm Lowest max HR: Pilates, where most sessions I got up to 70bpm max Lowest heartrateRead More →

It’s strange the way that knowledge can change the way we see things. I can’t see a live video feed without wondering how it was put together; how the effects were done; how it was mixed to make a (more or less unified) visual experience… and the gig I went to on Friday (Peter Gabriel, Birmingham) really made me think. Cameras, live video manipulation, and cool computer vision effects have really changed the live music experience. The first time I noticed the use of live video effects in earnest was at an Arctic Monkeys gig in Grenoble, in early 2010. They’d used small screens atRead More →