This post details the steps I had to go through to get my eee-pad transformer Android tablet to talk to a linux machine running Ubuntu for development purposes. In particular, I’m trying to get it to run with AppInventor (a draggy-block-style easy programming environment). There are lots of FAQs and HOWTOs on the net out there, but the straightforward instructions didn’t work for me so I’m putting the things I’ve learned up here, in case someone else can benefit. I’m guessing this post won’t be of interest to you unless you’re trying to mess about with android, running Linux, and haven’t managed to get developmentRead More →

This post, whilst a bit geeky, might be useful to anyone who’s got to write documents with references in them… I’ve recently discovered Citeulike, a website that organises your references and bibliographies for you in a nice shiny web2.0 kinda way. A colleague pointed me at it a while ago and I was sceptical – because it would be terrible to have all of your references and bibliography saved on an internet site and then for that internet site to go bust. But you can always download the database files (they export to many formats) and keep your own backups, and now they’re now sponsoredRead More →