Suffrage Science podcast

A couple of weeks ago I featured on the Suffrage Science podcast. This was my first podcast (yay!).

It was put together by Kat Arney, who is a science communicator and general all-round awesome storytelling scientific person. Kat interviewed me remotely then somehow managed to edit the hour of audio down to a shorter 30 minute podcast that even sounded like I was making sense.

If the embed has worked, you should be able to listen to the podcast here:

or you can find it on Apple/podbean/wherever else you get your pods from. Here’s podbean:

I always find the technical side of things quite interesting, and this was no different. The interview happened over Zoom, but as Zoom audio is not great, we both recorded audio locally. I had my Tascam audio recorder on a pile of books in front of me (to bring it closer to my face but also to remove the rattle and echo that might have occurred had it been directly on the table) and wore headphones. This enabled me to capture just my sound at reasonably high quality. Kat had sound recording at her end. After the interview I transferred the WAV file of my audio and it got edited down and matched to her audio. In this way, Zoom enabled the conversation but wasn’t actually involved in any of the recording.

You can learn more about the podcast and see links to all the transcripts here:

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