Vive la différence!

Some things I’m going to find it hard to adapt to, #1 in a series of N:

  • The prevalence of bank holidays – and the way that people forget they’re happening. It’s all wonderfully laid back. (Actually, people tell me that I’ve turned up at the worst time for bank holidays and it’s much more normal the rest of the year, but hey, by Monday, I’ll have been here 2 weeks and everything will have been shut for 3 weekdays out of 10).
  • Cheques being effectively money: my new landlord is happy to accept a cheque for deposit & rent the day I move in. This is because bouncing a cheque is totally forbidden here, and you can get into all sorts of trouble (i.e., lose your bank account!) if you bounce one.
  • Everyone talking French, really fast.
  • The way things have totally random opening hours (I heard a tale of someone who’d joined a gym called “24 hour gym!” which opened at 10.30am and shut for lunch).
  • The speed (slow) and intricacy (high) of the bureacracy.
  • Being able to see the alps, most of the time. Like, wow.
  • Having to avoid lizards when cycling to the supermarket.
  • Being about 900 miles from Rog


  1. Wow the alps. I know I still get the wow factor after nearly 6 years in Wgtn NZ. I think it is something about the hills and beauty of them. Thankfully English or at least kiwi is the language here, so no issues.The cheques seem strange here we have EFTPOS so never use them really. Love the gym story that is even laid back for here!
    I can understand the distance thing. Peter and I were apart for over 6 months when he first came, and it does not matter how far the distance it is just the separation. You have my sympathy :(
    thinking of you though J

  2. I used to work at a place with a German parent company. They had countless bank holidays. I guess the French are the same! Glad you’ve found somewhere to live.

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