Intermittent internet

Internet’s been a bit intermittent. I have two choices

  1. An internet caff in town, with good music, coffee, friendly staff, two and a half euros per hour, and q bloody french keyboqrd zhich i reqlly hqve to think auite hqrd zhen using.
  2. The library, which has free wifi, but blocks port 22 (so no access to ssh or filestore) and blocks Facebook and Twitter.

The library is where I’ve mostly been going though. The view is better.

The view from the library


  1. That is certainly a lovely view – even the thought of no SSH access doesn’t diminish it!

  2. Think positive … at least they have internet access AND a view! Cool! Besides I would have thought someone with your technical capabilities could work around some mere blocking software!

    Think of it as a challenge … I’m pretty sure Google could turn up some interesting workarounds, and it doesn’t sound like they block Google.

    Our employees found very creative ways to beat our company filters … :-)

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