Digital drawing

Bluebell wood

I do quite a lot of drawing and painting (check out my insta) and quite often do courses to keep me on my toes and introduce me to new things. In the last five years or so I’ve done some…

  • art for wellbeing with Saoirse Morgan at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (fun, friendly, low pressure)
  • abstracting the landscape (online, self-paced) with Angharad Taris (online, allegedly self-paced but with buckets of work, this course really stretched me)
  • a couple of one-day things on watercolour and composition with Alison Pierse – and also an in-person course with her on watercolour
  • a one-day print making thing I can’t remember the tutor of, and a few other one day things.

Most recently I’ve done a course on Digital Drawing online with Sarah Bowe which I am just submitting the final piece for.

This is the course, if anyone is interested:

The final piece (for me) looks like this and is a digital sketch of penglais woods in a sort of manga style.

I’ve enjoyed the course on one level but I think I’ll stick to analog drawing – the arty side of me works better away from a computer. I have learned a bit about organisation and structure in digital work, and also about brushes and so on. And I’m much better at using my drawing tablet (a cheapo Wacom One).

As part if the assessment we have to submit a video as well as the image so here that is.

Another digital image I made during the course that I’m quite pleased with follows, along with the youtube embed:

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