BCSWomen Lovelace 2022

BCSWomen Lovelace 2022 happened!

It happened online, again, for the third time. Little did I realise that when we moved 2020 online due to threat of COVID and lockdown, I’d be chairing Lovelace 2022 online whilst actually suffering from COVID. I cannot recommend the experience of hosting a conference and being ill with COVID. From our core team of 4, one had been off with a virus in the run up and two of us had COVID so the whole event was a bit snotty.

The group photo

I’ve written a detailed account here: https://bcswomenlovelace.bcs.org/?page_id=398 so if you want to see who won and watch the talk videos and so on, that is the place to go.

Generally, it went well, I think. Parts of the day are pretty vague in my memory. Rebecca George’s keynote was super, the talks were great, and the poster session was fun. I think I most enjoyed the socials, probably because I got to join in with these rather than try to run them. I enjoyed Airbus’s pre-event social activity “Build a satellite with stuff you can find in your house” and I enjoyed the AND Digital quiz in the post-event social where we had to solve riddles then find the things they referred to.

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