The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2009

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium was last week. This is a one-day event for women students of computing, and it’s open to students from across the UK. I’ll do a full report for the BCS website shortly, but I wanted to get a few ideas down quickly and to put out a request to attendees for more photos!

It was an amazing day for me – it’s so great to see an event come together and for all the effort to pay off. The posters were fantastic and the enthusiasm of the student presenters was contagious – and after all is said and done it’s the students that make the day.

The speakers – Gillian, Cornelia, Jools, Eileen, and Karen – were all fantastic. The BCS President Alan Pollard came up to lend his support (and judge the poster contest) and I think his presence was also really appreciated; the students went away knowing that they were valued by the BCS and not just its women:-)

Other blogs on the day:

  • Christine Burns has produced a fantastic podcast on the day, as part of her “Just plain sense” equality and diversity podcast series. I’m blown away by how cool this is, and she managed to get the audio captured and edited and up within a day of the event. If you haven’t listened yet, do! Christine also captured a lot of video of speakers – you can find that linked from a page on her blog here.
  • Eileen Brown from Microsoft speaks about her day – as one of our prestigious speakers it’s great to see her blogging about the day as well as contributing
  • Kate Ho from Edinburgh Uni who was one of the many people who stayed at “Hotel Dee” (i.e. in my spare room:) before or after the event.

If you’ve got a blog or a set of photos or anything else on the day, please drop me an email so I can add your stuff to my list! And if you’ve got any decent photos, let me know, particularly if you don’t mind my using them on official publicity stuff.
Here are a few of my better snaps from the afternoon:
gillian arnold & one of the poster contest entrants
Maria Lena frm Bath Uni & Gemma Warnock from Aberdeen Uni discussing Gemma's prizewinning poster
Penny Broadhurst from Open Uni next to her prizewining poster
Beth Massey of Lincoln, Nuhzah Gooda Sahib from Queen Mary (winner), and Alan Pollard


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