What a couple of weeks!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit mental for me, particularly on the women in tech front…

Normally this time of year I’d be blogging about the London Hopper. I went this year, and I was the MC again (introducing speakers, keeping everyone to time, being sarcastic). But I’ve not blogged about it as since then things have been fairly busy – if you want to read about the Hopper, check out Bedour Alshaigy’s post on Computer Weekly. Bedour won the poster contest last year so came to give the prize talk this year, and it was great. That evening was the Karen Spärk Jones lecture, given by Wendy Hall (who’s awesome by the way).

The day after the Hopper I came back via a large employer near Cheltenham where I spoke about women in tech at their diversity and inclusion week. It was a very interesting trip. No photos though. Or video. But I did get to play with an Enigma machine.

Last Wednesday was “my day” at the BCS Women in IT campaign. I was really pleased to be invited to contribute – they got 30 women in tech to write blog posts and featured one per day in May, and we all visited BCS London back in March to be videoed too. You can read my post here: Hannah Dee at the BCS Women in IT campaign and you can see the video on Youtube

But that wasn’t the only thing. I made it onto the Computer Weekly women in IT shortlist! CW have an annual contest to find the most influential woman in UK IT, and this year, for some unknown reason, I’m on the list. You can see the list and vote here. If you read the list I really look like an odd one out… the only other full-time academic is Professor Dame Wendy Hall (who’s awesome, by the way). But vote for me anyway. I’d like not to come last.

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