General geeky interlude… From time to time I need to download, grab from a webcam, convert, cut, and generally manipulate video files, and every time I do it I have to look up the settings for mplayer, mencoder or ffmpeg again from scratch. So I thought I’d put some recipes for common tasks up here just in case they are useful for anyone else. These use mplayer and mencoder which are available for windows, macosX and linux, but I can only comment on the linux version so don’t ask me any windows questions! Finding a webcam Lots of people put webcams pointing at sites ofRead More →

Short Geeky Interlude: If you find your paper abstract appearing on a page on it’s own, using the IEEEtrans class, check you do not have a line break between the opening and closing abstract tags, and the abstract text.

I used the online generator at, the process was really very straightforward. I can’t see myself using the font much but hey, it’s a geek thing.